Friday, March 21, 2008

A cotton bowl post in March?

Touchdown Tony Temple - photo by Jay Hurst

So I will make this short and sweet. Carrie, Kelly, Chickenbone, Tori, Snack Pack and Pringles all made the trip to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl. It was a fantastic way to end an amazing season. Tony Temple made Darren McFadden take second seat as Temple broke all Cotton Bowl Rushing records. The defense came up HUGE and held two of the best running backs in the nation at bay all day.

This sets the Tigers up for an even bigger season next year. I am not going to mention it but should we make reservations for Miami in January? Look for a post after the conclusion of the spring Black and Gold game when Mitch the Gnome, Jay, Kelly, Carrie, Matt, and possibly a few others will make the trip to Columbia to do some pre-season scouting.