Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Game and Tailgate for the ages!

Well, it could not be a better time to be a Tiger! Check your calendar and the date is November 25th and do you know what we can talk about. Not only big a Big 12 Championship but a National Championship. I am not making any bold predictions or anything like that. The Tigers need to stay the course. They are not even favored to win against Oklahoma for crying out loud. I just want to make an observation that in most years past we were discussing what mediocre bowl we would go to or even next season. Not this season. The WORST bowl we will go to this year is the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. That would be quite an achievement, but the fact of the matter is if that happens we will have been snubbed by the BCS bowls. Kansas would end up in either the Orange Bowl or Fiesta Bowl over us. We will know everything by next Sunday. But lets focus on what just happened. The tailgate was alot of fun with some new faces to add to the mix. The fire sticks made another appearance with the same result. To give you an idea of the heat Zack had this to say "I just can't do it". He had only eaten 2 pieces of meat. I tried to explain that eventually your taste buds grow back but he was not buying it. The Rice Crispy treats we rock hard because it was so cold. The magic burgers and Brats we delicious as always. But lets talk for just a moment about the post game. There was no post game tailgate because the grill was stolen, presumably by some beakers. Not only that, but our trucks were spat upon and doors were kicked. All I can say to that is stay classy beakers! I thought flying a Quantrill flag might be a bit much but apparently I was wrong. The worst the was done by any of our group was to BUY OUR OWN jayhawk and rub it in the mud a bit and burn it some. There was no destruction of personal property let alone theft. Next year the Quantrill flag may fly high for all to see.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another year in the books - but wait there will be more to come

It was omelet week for our final tailgate in Columbia. So given that this is the end of the season "in Columbia" I thought we should take a look back at the tailgates that were and try to remember what in the world we ate that day.

vs A&M - Omelets and ASS FIRE hot sticks.
vs Iowa St. - Chili and Dogs?
vs Texas Tech - Fajitas
vs Nebraska - Welker wings
vs Ill St - Philly Cheese steak
vs Western Michigan - Bacon wrapped wienies

If anyone else can remember more then we should make a note of it. It has been a great year so far, but i feel like we have 2 more tailgates to go. If we happen to go to Dallas for the Cotton bowl I think there will be serious tailgating, be lets aim a bit higher and say National Championship. Is it tailgating to grab a hurricane on Bourbon st. or maybe they call them Katrina's now. (First Katrina joke mark the date) I personally believe that if MU wins the big 12 we play for the title, and if not we play in the cotton. It is really that simple.

I would like to thank everyone who attended our tailgates this season. Looks like Kelly and Carrie will become regulars and we would certainly like to see Brad more. You are all welcome to join us any time!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Colorado Highlights

Compliments of ZouDave

Monday, November 5, 2007

Rocky Mountain High!

55-10. Say what you will. Maybe the Colorado Buffaloes are not the team they once were. But the Tigers have not gone to Colorado and won since the days when Corby Jones was winging the ball at Mizzou. The Tigers had not won their first game in November under Gary Pinkel. They have been a horrible team in November and beyond. On Saturday football at Missouri did not just turn a corner. They got to the corner, turned and pushed the accelerator to the floor. The Tigers knew that Kansas had taken Nebraska to the woodshed. So they needed to respond. They did so by putting up 55 on a good Colorado defense. But the defense that was down in a game against Iowa State showed up again and held the Buffaloes under 200 yards of total offense. The Tigers and more and more complete every week. Take a look at the Top 15 in the BCS:

1. Ohio State 10-0
2. LSU 8-1
3. Oregon 8-1
4. Kansas 9-0
5. Oklahoma 8-1
6. Missouri 8-1
7. West Virginia 7-1
8. Boston College 8-1

9. Arizona State 8-1
10. Georgia 7-2
11. Virginia Tech 7-2
12. Michigan 8-2
13. Connecticut 8-1
14. Texas 8-2
15. Florida 6-3

We just have to keep winning and look for 2 of the following three to lose Ohio State, Oregon or LSU. Our schedule is tougher than any of the others. OSU has Michigan late and LSU should have Georgia in the SEC Championship Game. So we will see.

Lets take a quick look at what happened in Lawrence over the weekend. The Beakers put up 76 on the Huskers. While fans of the Chickenhawk may be proud of scoring at will against the Huskers but I contend that that they should be concerned that their beloved Chickenhawks gave up 39 to a very average Nebraska offense. So I say beware Kansas, because the Tigers are rolling and will not be denied this time.

Since this is supposed to be a tailgate blog: Jay and Kelly joined Carrie and I at the house to watch the game. Kelly and Jay brought over bacon wrapped smokies that were delicious and also brought over some Polar Ice vodka which I would not recommend. We all had a great time watching the game and cheering on the Tigers. Jay and Kelly also brought over some firewood so we also had a nice fire for most of the evening. Magic Burgers were enjoyed by all.

Go Tigers

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yet another win - We have a Pig down!

#9 in the Nation!

Tommy "Little T" Saunders on the catch and run

The gnome came through again. In spite of Matt wearing his unlucky yellow shirt the tigers pulled it off. Lets begin with the tailgate. This weeks tailgate was another first. Jays AssFire chili was delicious, although we found out that while wonderful on their own. Nates dogs are not meant to be served with Chili. Lips and asshole dogs are made to be a chili dog. Who knew. We were a light crowd of only 5 this week. The boys and Carrie. Yes Carrie was in heaven with the attention of the 4 men.

I now have a name! My name is Mitch! So from hence forth I shall be referred to as such.

The game was not what everyone was expecting. A crowd the was quite and just plain flat for most of the game did not help the Tiger defense. Although Chase was looking decent he did slightly over throw Rucker and the it ended up as a pick 6. I personally think that it is ball the T-Ruck normally comes down with, so we will call it a half interception for Chase and half fumble for Ruck. I guess my feeling about this game is that we were due for a let down. We had 3 games against ranked opponents in a row and came through it with one loss to an Oklahoma team that is very good. So to have a letdown against Iowa State I can forgive. We still won. Furthermore ISU is better than their record. Nebraska better look out. Iowa State might just put them in the cellar next year. How fun would that be. Nebraska in the cellar of the North division!

Missouri did not escape the game unscathed. Defensive SUPERSTAR Pig Brown has a ruptured achilles tendon and is out for the season. In a normal year I would think this may be a problem. However this year the tigers are destined to succeed. So Pig is down and Del Howard will step in and be every bit the playmaker that Pig is.

On to Colorado! Buffalo burgers for dinner anyone!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tigers roll Tech!

Well its official The Tigers are for real but more on that later.

Jason "Gringo" Lewandowski rolled into Columbia with the best ever fajitas. They were soo good. We were joined this week by Jeff, Jenessa, Jamie, Carl, Kelly and JoAnn. It is so much fun when we have a big group! I have some pictures that will get posted soon. There were a few notable incidents at the tailgate. Jays truck got dinged, not once but twice by johnny. That makes 3 dings this year by johnny. He may be retired or modified. Also of note is people putting TP in the johnny. THIS IS A BID NO NO. I think it may have been friends who Welker and big Lew could not turn away. Guys. you know who to turn to in these situations. Snack Pack will be the asshole. So with that lets talk about the smack down that happened.

Tigers 41 - Tech 10

We all felt like the Nebraska game made the tigers a legit team. Well it turns out that Nebraska sucks. Although they did not suck until the got to MU and the tigers took them to the woodshed. But this is about Tech. Can it be argued that they are not the best offense in the nation? They are. The Mizzou defense stepped up and took control of this game. Pig Brown went nuts and the RUNNING game was beautiful. Credit Dave Christenson for coming up with a brilliant game plan. Ball control, clock control, but still with big plays. Rucker had a big one and so did Coffman. But none better that Maclin over the middle and then turning on the jets to get the touchdown. Missouri is for real. They should win the north and the Big 12. I want Oklahoma again. We will not lose to them twice. So that puts us in a BCS bowl. I believe that we had to go undefeated for a National Title, but who knows, the BCS has done stranger things.

Friday, October 19, 2007

It's a Fiesta Bitch!

So I am over it. But I gotta say FU to all the people out there who felt like losing to OU by 10 was a moral victory. The boys at MU never talked about moral victory or giving their best and not coming out on top. Which leaves me with one of my favorite movie quotes.

"Your "best"!? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen."

I am pretty sure that Chase, Chase, Martin, and Pig all fucked the prom queen so I think we are fine.

Now it is Mexican Fiesta week. GOOOOOOOD Times. I am expecting a special appearance from Speedy Gonzalez! Should be loads of fun. There will not be any beans served to try to preserve the well being of all those near the tailgate. There is a possibility of some MINI TACOS. Jason is gonna roll the Fajitas so that will be delicious.

Now on to this weeks game. I am not going to try to break it down. I have three words for those of you who bet on sports. TAKE THE OVER! What the O/U is 110, TAKE THE OVER, you say it just went to 120, TAKE THE OVER.

OK everyone lets have a first class tailgate and bring home a W!

Go Tigers!

Friday, October 12, 2007

On the Eve of the biggest game of the year - so far

Tomorrow the Tigers travel to Norman OK to take on the Sooners. This is the most difficult test so far this year. Winks and I will be watching as we could not make it to the game. This Oklahoma team is by far the most complete team we have faced. Many of the prognosticators are picking Oklahoma to roll in this game. I am not so sure about that. The Tiger offense has yet to be stopped or even slowed down. If slowing down means that we score 33 rather that 40 I am OK with that. I think that the media still saying the MU's defense is weak. My opinion is that the MU defense has been leaning on the offense. They came out against Nebraska and were intense for 4 quarters. They will be "up" and intense for 4 more quarters this weekend. I would look for Maclin to get over 100 yards in the return game and have yet another huge game. I would also look for Coffman to come up big in this game as Rucker will be covered and may not pull in as many balls. This will be a shoot out of sorts but look for a score of 38 -27 with Mizzou scoring a touchdown in the last 2 minutes to put it away.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Photos from the day that was


What a win!

Chase Daniel to Chase Coffman, Just another pitch and catch

Well this was this is the best game I have seen. Far and away it is the most complete performance by the Missouri Tigers. In fact the Huskers decided to rush only 3 and take away the pass. Well that worked to the tune of 401 yards passing with 2 TDs and 0 Interceptions by Chase Daniel. Not to mention the 195 rushing by the Tigers. The offense was error free but it was the defense that stepped up. The defense that has been so suspect the previous 4 games was fired up and looked good. The gave up only 74 yards on the ground and then 225 in the air. I will take that performance any day.

But this blog is about tailgating right. So I have to say God bless the Sweatsuit! Those wings were ridiculous. I am not sure I have ever tasted something so wonderful. It was far and away his best effort on the winds. And that is saying something because Welker can make some kickin wings. We were also joined by Carries friend Lisa and her family, obviously Carries was there and was cool enough to put us up for the weekend. Everyone had a great time and there will be pictures posted later on tonight or Tomorrow.

Rest up everyone. The Sooners are next on the hit list. This schedule looks very difficult. And From the looks of it KU, KSU, CU are going to have something to say about the Big 12 North. Thier schedules all look favorable compared to that of Mizzou. We just have to take em 1 week at a time and be confident. This is a good team. Just keep winning!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Matt may have jinxed us with his early forecast but this does not look half bad.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is it Saturday yet?

I have been trying to hold back all week and it is driving me mad! The excitement level for this game is nuts. Carrie and Matt will make their way to the tailgate spot early. If we lose our spot to another tailgate crew I will have to drop the Gnome Hammer on them. The plan is to arrive and put up the Johnny and the Tent kick back and watch the TV! Oh yes. The TV will be busted out for the first time our tailgate history!

The TV schedule Looks like this.

Channel 11 11:30 Vanderbilt at Auburn
Channel 13 2:30 Georgia at Tennessee
Channel 17 2:30 Iowa at Penn St
Channel 13 7:00 Florida at LSU
Channel 17 7:00 Teams TBA

The menu should look something like this

Brisket from Kelly
Burger buns
Welker Wings
Nates Dogs
Dog buns
A special surprise sweet treat from Matt
Lots of chips
Lots of Beer
Lots of Vodka
Lots of Red Bull

If anyone can think of anything else let Matt know.

Note to everyone: Bring a camera this will probably be a crowd of over 70,000. It should be a blast.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Is this a tailgate blog or a football blog?

What the hell happened this weekend! Matt's dad made some comment that Colorado beat Oklahoma and Matt laughed it off not knowing that, THAT JUST HAPPENED! Then K-State goes TO Texas and does not just win but dominates the Longhorns with Defense and Special Teams. This is a shout out the supposedly dominate teams in the south. TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS. You are supposed to win these games. Not only were the Tigers counting on the near elimination of a couple of teams, but so were the Huskers. Now they MU and NU go head to head this weekend and what looked like a early game to give a one of the two teams an inside track to the Big 12 title game looks like a must win for both teams to stay alive in the discussion. So the question is, does this deflate the sails of either team, making them see the uphill battle they will have or does it make a team more focused. I am going to be positive and say that this will only serve to focus the Tigers and send them into Big 12 play knowing exactly what they have to do. The Huskers however may be looking at this the opposite way. A loss to USC is excusable, however to not crush Ball State is ridiculous.

The moral of the story. Make sure you buckle up for a great season. This may not only be the best season for our Tigers but it may also be the most competitive. The Tigers might just have to go 7-1 the rest of the way and cannot loose to K-State.

I love college football!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thoughts on the Nebraska game

Well we are 9 days away and I can't hardly wait. I am glad we have the week off and I honestly believe that it is a significant advantage for us. We have 2 weeks to plan and practice and review film. I also think that the playbook has not been completely opened and will be at this game. Matt and Carrie will be at our normal spot atop the parking garage and watching games on network TV. Thats right Matt is going to bring down a TV. They will get there some time shortly after noon and hand out for the majority of the day. t looks like the menu will consist of Kellys Brisket, Welker wings, Nates dogs and other assorted goodies. Lets all have a great safe time and toss one back for the moment that started all this.

Oct 11 2003

Missouri 41 Nebraska 24

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pictures from Mizzou vs Western Michigan

Sorry for the delay with the pictures. I have nothing from week 2 as my camera shot craps!


Monday, September 24, 2007

A very hot 4-0

Another week in the books and the Tigers are 4-0. So nothing to complain about right? Wrong. HEAT. It was very hot out there. People we burned, the heat claimed post game tailgate fun and overall was a huge pain in the ass.

Enough about the heat. We had a new gnome join us this week. Winks came by and graced us with his presence. Winks is one cool cat. He even brought a cape for me. Oh and my name is now Stubby. Thank you to Kris for coming up with that. Matt forgot the tote this week. Sometime he need to lay off my pipe and think about keeping some brain cells for later in life. So we had no liner for the pee bucket till Jason arrived. I also want to thank Carrie, Jen and Jason for tailgating with us. They are a good time and I hope they had a good time. Carrie confided in me that she wants to come watch the Tigers kick the shit out of Nebraska. So to all of you reading this. WE NEED A TICKET!

That brings up another topic. ESPN!!!!!!!!! They are coming to town. The Nebraska vs Missouri game will not only be on TV. It will be Nationally televised. In PRIME TIME Baby! 8:15pm to be precise. This is also the Gold Rush game so make sure to wear something gold or Yellow. I know Matt will be wearing the luck yellow shirt as always but the rest of you need to make sure that you have something to wear.

That is all for now. As always make sure you are nice to your gnomies!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tailgate Mañana

1 day till the next tailgate. Are you as excited as I am. The gnome will be rollin in to Columbia at about 9:30 or so for this weeks tailgate. He is particularly excited to welcome Carrie and her friends to the tailgate. BAD NEWS Chickenbone aka Sweatsuit aka Rain Man aka Kris will not be able to make it this week. So Kelly is taking his place. Kelly no offense but sweatsuit you are not. Particularly when he bought a new sweatsuit for the season.

As always we will be tailgating atop the hospital parking garage. Just look for the Johnny.

It looks alot like this.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1st Home game is in the books

The first post to what will hopefully be a regular blog of the life and times of the tailgate gnome. As the gnome is mute I "Pringles" will have to post for him. The gnome made his first appearance of the season at the Missouri vs. Western Michigan game. Needless to say that Missouri dominated this game and fun was had by all. Brad came down for his first game. The thought of the 5 gallon Johnny was disgusting to him until he had a few beers then all of a sudden is seemed genius. Jay, Jason, and Kris were all in near game shape and I fully expect for them to be at full speed by the time Nebraska rolls its sorry ass into Columbia. Jennifer made a guest appearance and her sobriety was at times sobering.

Pictures of the Tailgate will be posted soon. I hope everyone had a great time this last weekend and you are all welcome anytime you can get yourself a ticket.

Oh one more thing we need to name the gnome. Please leave any ideas about it as you see fit.