Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Game and Tailgate for the ages!

Well, it could not be a better time to be a Tiger! Check your calendar and the date is November 25th and do you know what we can talk about. Not only big a Big 12 Championship but a National Championship. I am not making any bold predictions or anything like that. The Tigers need to stay the course. They are not even favored to win against Oklahoma for crying out loud. I just want to make an observation that in most years past we were discussing what mediocre bowl we would go to or even next season. Not this season. The WORST bowl we will go to this year is the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. That would be quite an achievement, but the fact of the matter is if that happens we will have been snubbed by the BCS bowls. Kansas would end up in either the Orange Bowl or Fiesta Bowl over us. We will know everything by next Sunday. But lets focus on what just happened. The tailgate was alot of fun with some new faces to add to the mix. The fire sticks made another appearance with the same result. To give you an idea of the heat Zack had this to say "I just can't do it". He had only eaten 2 pieces of meat. I tried to explain that eventually your taste buds grow back but he was not buying it. The Rice Crispy treats we rock hard because it was so cold. The magic burgers and Brats we delicious as always. But lets talk for just a moment about the post game. There was no post game tailgate because the grill was stolen, presumably by some beakers. Not only that, but our trucks were spat upon and doors were kicked. All I can say to that is stay classy beakers! I thought flying a Quantrill flag might be a bit much but apparently I was wrong. The worst the was done by any of our group was to BUY OUR OWN jayhawk and rub it in the mud a bit and burn it some. There was no destruction of personal property let alone theft. Next year the Quantrill flag may fly high for all to see.


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