Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another year in the books - but wait there will be more to come

It was omelet week for our final tailgate in Columbia. So given that this is the end of the season "in Columbia" I thought we should take a look back at the tailgates that were and try to remember what in the world we ate that day.

vs A&M - Omelets and ASS FIRE hot sticks.
vs Iowa St. - Chili and Dogs?
vs Texas Tech - Fajitas
vs Nebraska - Welker wings
vs Ill St - Philly Cheese steak
vs Western Michigan - Bacon wrapped wienies

If anyone else can remember more then we should make a note of it. It has been a great year so far, but i feel like we have 2 more tailgates to go. If we happen to go to Dallas for the Cotton bowl I think there will be serious tailgating, be lets aim a bit higher and say National Championship. Is it tailgating to grab a hurricane on Bourbon st. or maybe they call them Katrina's now. (First Katrina joke mark the date) I personally believe that if MU wins the big 12 we play for the title, and if not we play in the cotton. It is really that simple.

I would like to thank everyone who attended our tailgates this season. Looks like Kelly and Carrie will become regulars and we would certainly like to see Brad more. You are all welcome to join us any time!

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